Aquaponic Gardening by Sylvia Bernstein

A Step-By-Step Guide to Raising Vegetables and Fish Together Date published: October 11, 2011 Author: Sylvia Bernstein Available format: Kindle, Paperback Number of pages: 257 Publisher: New Society Publishers; Original edition (October 11, 2011) Language: English ISBN-10: 9780865717015 ISBN-13: 978-0865717015 How to buy: Aquaponic Gardening is an excellent primer for anyone considering home-scale aquaculture. Read more


Waste Tank Fish for Aquaponics

aquaponics with fish tank

Aquaponics with fish tank is now popular in gardening. Bad smell and dirty fish pond is something that many people hatedwhen developing the fish farming. If we are creative, then the smell and the dirt will not be a significant problem. Instead, it can bring the benefits. Fish waste which often creates problems because of Read more


Planting Kale with Aquaponics System

aquaponic fish tank system

The simple model of aquaponics planting with low fund is planting kale with aquaponics fish tank system. Pond with catfishwas chosen as the technique of aquaponics because the nutrient content of crops derived from feed residue and dirt morethan other types of fish. For early crops which is the most common and easily to grow Read more


Shifting Cultivation System in Indonesia

what is farming systems

What is farming systems in Indonesia since long time ago until today still questionable? There are many types of farmingsystem in Indonesia such as shifting cultivation system, family farming system, agriculture system feudalistic, agriculture capitalistic system, and collective farming system. Indonesia is one country that has a tropical climate which is very beneficial for the Read more


Aquaponics Gardening, the Newest Technique in Gardening

what is aquaponic gardening

What is aquaponics gardening? That’s the big question for some people especially for the people who loves gardening. Today, this method of gardening is very popular except hydroponics. Actually, aquaponics is a technique of gardening which is a combination of hydroponics farming by farming fish and the farming with aquaculture. As we know that when Read more


Aquaponic System

how to make an aquaponic system

Aquaponic system is a combination system between aquaculture and hydroponic. For those the ones who do not know, aquaculture is breeding aquatic animal in tanks, like fish, snails, prawn, etc. Hydroponic is grooming plants in water. The outlines of how to make an aquaponics system are the water from tank of aquaculture will be transfer to hydroponic Read more


Farming as a System

farming as a system

Farming is the way which farmers try to fulfill their need and priority with all farm resources, like soil, rainfall, weather, temperature, technology, facilities, economic and industrial manufacture, etc. With a lot of farm resources that need to organize and maintain, thus an idea that farming as a system is not impossible. Every individual farmer has his Read more


Learning the Agriculture as a System

Agriculture as a system

Agriculture as a system might have been heard broadly, but not learned deeply. Most of us usually only know about some of the products. As we discuss about agriculture, we should also learn about foods production, water uses and water sources. Before discussing further on Agriculture, it is good if we know exactly what the definition Read more


Knowing More of Water Uses in Agriculture

Water uses in agriculture

Water uses in agriculture nowadays can be a problem. The climate changes are only of one some other factors that make it even worse. Moreover, the climate today cannot be easily predicted like it used to be years ago. Sometimes, when it should be rainy season, it stays dry the whole season. While when it should Read more